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Welcome to Wallpaper Games!!!

This Contest Group was created in Animepaper.net and since they have found reason to shut the site down. So, as admin. of the group I’ve moved over to MiniTokyo.net.

But that’s not what you want to know about. What you want to know about is Wallpaper Games itself. So, let me explain what we are really all about.

It is an Anime Wallpaper Competition Group. We have various contests on a wide range of topics. From a non-ecchi bathroom contest to more complicated contests like Geometry.

Anyone of any skill level can join WG and participate in the groups activities. That are mainly based out of MiniTokyo – now – since that is were the Anime Wallers are but anyone as long as you are a member of Wallpaper Games can join in any contest you wish.

We do offer prizes but I’ll be honest at the moment. Not so sure what that prize will be. Since, over in AnimePaper we had a currency system. But we didn’t always. So, I’ll just have to remember what I use to do.

Anyways, WG aka Wallpaper Games is purely an Anime Wallpaper Competition Group!

So, don’t forget to join MiniTokyo.net and become a Wallpaper Games Contestant!!!

Your WG Admin.