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Match 06 : Christmas Lights [Revived+Edited]


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Re-Match 06 : Christmas Lights

[Revived and Edited]

Duration: 12 Months

Deadline: February 17th, 2017

Posted Participation will place you under Rule #5. Giving you the participant special exceptions and extensions by the Matches owner. See Rule #6 for what happens when you are a Non-posted participant in the rules under “Official “Wallpaper Games” Rules”.


Description of Match

Obviously, this is a re-match. So, if you tried making a wall for this and didn’t finish. You’ll get another chance but make sure to keep reading because it wont be exactly the same match but mostly.

So, this match isn’t about Christmas. Just so you know. It could be but its not a ‘must have’ for the match. But the type of lights on a cord is a ‘must have’ for this match. The ones called: Christmas Light’s.

Now, if your wondering Christmas Lights aren’t just for Christmas – but work well for a Christmas theme. But if you are wondering what else the Christmas Light is good for. Then I’ll tell you the best I can. …Anything. From the Christmas season to other holidays. Christmas Lights also light up backyard patios. They are mood lighting for a rave or in someones home. They can be bottled. They can just be way to mesmerizing and make you lose all thought in your head as you stare at them.

The possibilities are almost endless to use Christmas Lights and use them in a wallpaper. You could even go the sillier route. With Christmas Lights all wrapped and tangled up around someone. Someone holding a bulb in hand that just exploded in there face. Someone tangled up in lights and hanging off a roof. The possibilities are endless but make sure your idea is a clean one.

So, with that I must get down to the blah blah part that tells you what else you’ll need.

And that something else is; you need at least 1 anime/game character within the wallpaper of Christmas Lights. Meaning; any character that is not eechi. Granted, your Christmas Lights need to be the center of attention or at least have enough attention that your wallpaper would be tagged ‘Lights’ or ‘Christmas lights’ or something like that.

So, let your mind free and find the right idea for your that combines Christmas Lights and your 1 anime/game character.

Remember, any style of walling is allowed. From Abstract to Scenic. Just keep it ‘clean’.

Now, that’s all I’ve got to say and I hope you get the idea of the match and that you have an idea for the match bouncing around in your head. And this will be a year long match. So, you’ve got plenty of time.

So, feel free to PM me with any questions about the match and/or if you are willing to participate. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks for your time;


Match Owner; ::AngelEarth10:: Admin. of Wallpaper Games-2@Minitokyo.net.

Please Note: Examples and Inspirational Examples are below under the “Match Rules”.


Official Match Rules

  1. Wall Must – Christmas Lights on a strand/cord
  2. Wall Must – Have one/1 Anime/Game Character
  3. Wall – Can be a previous wall but it must be uploaded after – January 1st, 2015 (Other wise must be new.)
  4. Uploading Entry – Allowed through MT or your favorite image hosting site. And please provide thumbnail for front page.
  5. Wall Resolution – Wide or Standard.
  6. Wall Must – Have Signature
  7. Any ecchiness will not be allowed. Wall can be rejected on this fact alone.
  8. Special Rule: Posted ParticipationRule #5 in WG-2 Wallpaper Rules.
  9. Special Rule: Non-Posted Participation – Rule #6 in WG-2 Wallpaper Rules.
  10. Entry Exchange: Submitting a revised wallpaper of the same entered wallpaper is allowed till the deadline date.
  11. Person Walling – 1 WG-2 Member Waller or Collaboration of 2 WG-2 Members Waller’s. No more. [Anyone can join and it shall be checked upon submission.]
  12. Deadline – Feb. 17th, 2017


If you have any questions about this contest please PM angelearth10 -me- or leave your question in the WG-2@MT.net Guestbook.

Note: All submitted Wallpapers will be looked at to be accepted. As long as you follow the simple rules. Your sure to be accepted.



[Anime-type Screenshots/Wallpaper: For Inspiration Only.]


Screenshot. For inspiration only. Preference for a wall like this screenshot. Would be to have more definition on the ‘lights’.


For Inspiration Only – Found on a Search.


For Inspiration Only – Found on a Search.

HSV Team Mission - Christmas Decoration by Gabirushis deviantart

HSV Team Mission – Christmas Decoration by Gabirushis deviantart

For inspiration only.

[Internet Search: Images for Inspirational Purposes Only.]

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 iStock_000004726670XSmall  funny_teddy_bear_tangled_in_christmas_lights_photosculpture-rd8df751d6e85402bbee274d6534483ff_x7saw_8byvr_324
 Untitled22  Untitled88
 christmas_lights  christmas-lights
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