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Match 12: Cold Summer Treats

Duration: 1 Year

Deadline: February 21th, 2018

Posted Participation will place you under Rule #5. Giving you the participant special exceptions and extensions by the Matches owner. See Rule #6 for what happens when you are a Non-posted participant in the rules under “Official “Wallpaper Games” Rules”.


Description of Match

Greetings Wallers,

This here is a Match made for Summer!!! Featuring cool, cleanly, and clearly enjoying our favorite cold summer treats. Like Ice Cream, Ice Pops, Snow Cones, and the like. [Disclaimer: by cleanly… I only mean the main character… since there is no ecchi allowed. The frozen treats can be drippy and messy. Just not ecchi.]

So, as the ‘Disclaimer’ states. No dirty wallpapers with these Summer Treats. Since, ecchi is not allowed anyways. Its rather pointless. But I know you all can reach past this non-dirty wallpaper warning!

What you may however create… Is a wallpaper showing someone enjoying a ‘cold Summer treat’. Be it someone[s] on a first Summer Date or Friends having fun or just someone eating or someone returning with the treats or debating what to get at the treats shop… the possibilities are endless.
You are not limited on how many treats or different kind of treats you can us in your wallpaper. Though it probably wont matter in the scoring part but if you feel the need for more treats. Add as many as you want.
Same for the character. As long as your character is Anime or a Game character. You can have one or you can have two or you can have three or four. Its really up to you. How you want your wall.
But your wall must have an anime/game character along with the cold summer treat.

I would also like to point out. Summer isn’t just for the beach. There are party’s and festivals. Regular everyday stuff too. So, think outside the box if you want. Your not limited to much in this match.

I hope you’ve got ideas because I wanna see how it translates into your wallpaper!!!

So, feel free to PM me with any questions about the match and/or if you are willing to participate. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks for your time;


Match Owner; ::AngelEarth10:: Admin. of Wallpaper Games-2@Minitokyo.net.

Please Note: Examples and Inspirational Examples are below under the “Match Rules”.


Official Match Rules

    1. Wall Must – Focal Point: Frozen Treat
    2. Wall Anime/Game – Your choice -none ecchi- if ‘?’… just ask.
    3. Wall – Must be new or at least uploaded after Jan. 19th, 2017
    4. Uploading Entry – Allowed through MT or your favorite image hosting site. And please provide thumbnail for front page.
    5. Wall Resolution – Wide or Standard.
    6. Wall Must – Have Signature
    7. Any ecchiness will not be allowed. Wall can be rejected on this fact alone.
    8. Special Rule: Posted ParticipationRule #5 in WG-2 Wallpaper Rules.
    9. Special Rule: Non-Posted Participation – Rule #6 in WG-2 Wallpaper Rules.
    10. Entry Exchange: Submitting a revised wallpaper of the same entered wallpaper is allowed till the deadline date.
    11. Person Walling – 1 WG-2 Member Waller or Collaboration of 2 WG-2 Members Waller’s. No more. [Anyone can join and it shall be checked upon submission.]
    12. Deadline – Feb. 21th, 2018


If you have any questions about this contest please PM angelearth10 -me- or leave your question in the WG-2@MT.net Guestbook.

Note: All submitted Wallpapers will be looked at to be accepted. As long as you follow the simple rules. Your sure to be accepted.



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[Internet Search: Images for Inspirational Purposes Only.]

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