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Official WG-2 Rules

Official “Wallpaper Games-2 Members” Rules

  1. Joining WG-2: Competition Group: Your Membership needs to be helpful to the group. Be it you are: an Avatar Contestant; Wallpaper Contestant; or Wallpaper Judge; Avatar Judge.
  2. Members: Can only be:Contestant of something” or “Judge of somethingfor life. Unless Member PM’s Admin.
  3. Language: Keep the language clean.
  4. Behavior: Any inappropriate behavior Admin. AngelEarth10 or Co.Admin have the right to reject wallpaper entries and even the person or person[s] from Wallpaper Games Group [here or Minitokyo].
  5. OVER ALL!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

Official “Wallpaper Games” Rules

  1. Behavior: Any inappropriate behavior Admin. AngelEarth10 or Co.Admin have the right to reject wallpaper entries and even the person or person[s] from Wallpaper Games Group [here or Minitokyo].
  2. Contest Creation: Only created by Admin. AngelEarth10 (me) or Co. Admin or if a PM is sent to you.
  3. Contest Rules: If contest creator finds your wallpaper has not reached the rules of the contest properly. They have the right to deny/invalid your wallpaper entry.
  4. Contest Deadlines: Are concrete. Unless Rules 5 & 6 are enacted by Admin./Co.Admin.
  5. Posted Participation Rule: All who post participation within the Match’s thread will have special rights if the Owner of the Match wishes to extend the deadline.
  6. Non-posted Participation Rule: All who have not posted participation may not have special rights to the special extended deadline.
  7. Submission by Deadline: As long as entries are submitted and accepted by the deadline date. Non-posted participation wallpaper will be accepted.
  8. Wallpaper Entries: All Submitted Wallpaper Entries must be by a Wallpaper Games Member; Even on Collaboration Works. [So, join WG-2@MT.net if you want to participate.]
  9. Wallpaper Entries Submission: Acceptable by thumbnail link through – MiniTokyo Gallery; ImageShack; Photobucket; or Any Other Image Host.
  10. Prizes: Custom WG-2 Badges will be awarded for Each Contest. [Note: Badges will be posted in a comments section under your Wallpaper Entry. Wherever it has been uploaded too. As well a PM will be sent to you with links of your badge to be posted where you like. It also has a back link to your winning wall.]
  11. OVER ALL!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

Unofficial “Avatar Games” Rules

-Rules in progress-Totally Unofficial at the moment-

  1. Contestant: Must be a Member of WG-2@MT.net [So, join WG-2@MT.net if you want to participate.]
  2. Contest Creation: Part 1: Winner of previous Match will be PM’d with a simple questionnaire. They have a max of 1 week to get questionnaire filled out and sent back to Admin./Co.Admin./or Mod.
  3. Contest Creation: Part 2: Questionnaire will be read by Admin./Co.Admin./Mod. and will be turned into the final rules of the next Avatar Match. Then sent out to all WG-2 Members and the next Avatar Match begins.
  4. Avatar Entries: Submission: Acceptable by link through: Image Hosting Sites. Likes: ImageShack, Photobucket, or Any other Image Hosting Site.
  5. Avatar Entries: No Collaborations. Unless Specified in the rules.
  6. Avatar Entries: Only Anime or Game Characters. Unless specified in rules. Ex. Original Art.
  7. Match: Avatar Entry: Must Contain Specified Rules. Such as: Avatar Size: 150×150.
  8. Match: Entry Approval: Admin./Co.Admin./Mod. have the right to check your entry for approval. Examples of Reasons for Possible Rejection: incorrect .jpg or .gif or Avatar Missing any part from rules; etc.
  9. Match: Deadline: 2 weeksNo longer. No Matter how many entries.
  10. Judging: 1 weekAny Judge that responds within this week will decide whom the winners shall be.
  11. ———————-;
  12. Prizes: Custom Made-WG-2-Avatar Games Badge.

Wallpaper Games-2 Admin.



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