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Welcome! WG-2 Introduction Letter!

Welcome to WG-2!!!

Here is a small overview of what you’ll need to know to get your started in WG-2 Group.

First the Match’s.

All ‘Open’ Matches are posted on the front page of WG-2@Minitokyo.net and all are linked to this blog aka the WG-2 Blog. Which is were I keep things organized. All Match Details and Entries are kept on the WG-2 Blog. There is a separate blog for the Finalized Matches.

Now, not all Matches on the Main WG-2 Blog are active. If they are not they will be Marked asClosed for Judging‘. Normally.

You can join a Match at anytime and you can submit your entry for any match; anytime before the deadline.

Main Rules Surrounding a Match.

Now, I have to tell you what Rule #5 is…

Posted Participation Rule: All who post participation within the Match’s thread will have special rights if the Owner of the Match wishes to extend the deadline.”

This is the ‘Posted Participation Rule’. If you post your participation to me by PM or on the front page of WG-2@Minitokyo.net. You’ll be signed up for this special exception rule. Which means if you have clearly stated to me the Admin. of WG-2 that you wish to participate in any, some, or all Matches. Your screen name shall be posted on WG-2@Minitokyo.net’s front page. Under the Match or Match’s you wish to participate in.

Since, I am having to be true to my deadlines more closely now. This rule is most important for contestants. But even so. You are not obligated to post participation. As long as a wall is done by deadline and/or submitted before deadline or directly on that deadline. Your entry will be checked for acceptance and then taken from there.

Avatar Matches.

You may have heard that WG-2 has or is going to have these types of Match’s. This is true but they have not started yet. Since, I haven’t finished getting the kinks out of the whole Avatar Match plan, yet. So, if this is something that interests you. The Avatar Games will be coming soon.

Also, at this time. If you are interested in being a Judge for the Avatar Games. Please, PM me.

WG-2’s unused side.

Now, WG-2 is meant to be a group that helps other wallers but this side is also undeveloped. This side of WG-2 goes from giving links to helpful tutorials to as far as helping someone with there wall. Also, as far as posting a Wallpaper In Progress – of your own – to get help on a wallpaper for a Match. This however is not widely known. Which is my fault but I’m letting you know, now.

So, if you have any helpful links or stuff. You can post them on the Guest book or you can PM with them and I’ll add them to the front page.

Current Running Matches.

All of the details for any Currently Running Matches will be found here on the WG-2 Blog. As I am sure you have noticed. So, why don’t you just move over to one of the tabs above and check out the Running Matchs. Just be sure to check the Dates! All Matches have different deadlines and that deadline might be sooner then you think but even so. If your interested you can always use ‘Rule #5’ and post your participation to perhaps get a little more time to finish or maybe more it all depends on the situation.

Closing Notes.

I just want to make sure you know that if there is any question or problem that may come up for your while you are at WG-2. Please, feel free to PM me over in MT.net. I’ll be more then happy to help you out as much as I can. And even if you have any suggestions for WG-2 I’ll gladly take then under advisement.

And last but not least. Welcome to WG-2! I hope you have a fun and challenging time being a member!

Thanks for joining WG-2!
::Angel:: Admin. of WG-2


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